A positive message for once


I see SO many negative postings here that I feel it's time to post something more positive....


I've had my DROID Bionic for just over a month, and so far, it has performed extremely well for me. I got it for $0.01 in Amazon.com's "Penny-Pincher" sale. Maybe my overall pleasure is due to me not having the expectations of many, or maybe it's because things have just worked out well for me, but seriously, this phone is top-notch, the service has been great, and coverage simply blows the doors off of Sprint (which was our main reason for switching to Verizon.)


This is my first "smart phone" so I really didn't know what my expectations should be. I owned an iPod Touch, so I have a pretty good idea of how an iPhone should perform--at least as far as running apps goes. I've installed many free and paid apps, and while the consistency and quality does vary from app-to-app, by-and-large, the apps I have chosen have been very good--sometimes better than iPhone version, sometimes worse, but generally, very good.


We don't have 4G service in our area, so 3G connectivity is what I have and what I can expect for a while. I turned off 3G/4G switching, and have yet to have any data issues. Wi-Fi is obviously faster, but having 3G on and available all the time is very new to me and very nice. I get about a full day of charge on my standard battery, data being my primary use. I charge it overnight, and it lasts until the next night.


The Android platform has been very freeing compared to iOS. I like the ability to go much deeper into the OS to make tweaks and customizations without needing to root/jailbreak. And the Bionic hardware means that apps have been peppy and very responsive.


I know everyone's experiences and expectations are different, but I have to believe that there are many satisfied customers. It's regrettable that there is so much negativity, but honestly, as my first smart phone, the DROID Bionic excels way beyond what I had hoped for.


I'm now a happy Verizon customer, and a happy DROID Bionic owner. Should things go South, I'll definitely post here, but until then, I hope others have similar positive experienced.


Re: A positive message for once


This is very close to my thoughts, feelings, about the Bionic.  Thank you.


This is not my first smartphone -- I've had smartphones for the past 5 years, but the two previous were in the Windows Mobile world and with much-inferior hardware (though top-notch when released)...so maybe I'm just so impressed by the improvement that I'm easily pleased. :smileytongue:


Over the 6 weeks with this phone I've had occasional data-loss experiences, but not every day and never unfixable even when they did happen.  It'll be great when/if the "update" fixes this issue, but I can easily live with it now.


Yes, I am certain that the majority of Bionic users are happy with their phones.  After all, this is a support forum, so naturally most posts here will be by people who are experiencing problems (or at least, confusion) with their phones.  That's why it seems that a lot of people on this forum are having problems with the Bionic -- most of the posters on any forum are having problems with their phones.  

It's what's called "self-selecting".  It's why volunteer polls -- the kind that websites, TV stations, etc. hold -- are generally meaningless:  they're not a representative/random selection of all people who have opinions....and the posts here are not a representative/random selection of all people who have Bionics.


When issues are really widespread -- such as the iPhone 4 losing connectivity if "you didn't hold it right" -- it makes widespread news.  Even less-famous phones [than the iPhone] that have widespread issues get coverage in phone/gadget blogs such as Engadget Mobile...but none so far on the Bionic.


Thanks, again. :smileyhappy: