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Question about Mifi

Hi everyone,

My family and I live in an area where our only internet options are satellite or mifi.  My husband uses mifi for work and loves it.  Satellite sure beats dial up but we lose the signal in a decent rain, which is a pain, and it's a lot slower than hubby's Mifi.  Uploading on satellite is just plain sad.  I don't think data usage would be a problem since we're used to being under a fair usage policy with the satellite.  The most "hoggish" thing I do is stream repeats of a radio show a few nights a week and I almost never go over the daily cap for the satellite.  Other than that, it's email and regular browsing.  I don't game or watch tv or movies online.  I watch the occasional Youtube video, but probably not even once a week. 

I did the math. If I signed up for the biggest data package, it would save me $35 a month over what I'm paying now for our cell package plus satellite and I would have about 35% more data available to me daily than I have now.

So, here is my big question:  if I gave up satellite, I would also be giving up my primary email address, which sort of freaks me out.  Does an email address come with the Mifi?  I know there are email addresses, but I've never had one and have no idea who is able to get one.


Re: Question about Mifi

Get a free yahoo acount you wont be sorry. its faster than gmail(for loading). I use mine for everything from my paypal account to other accounts. and I never have to worry about changing my email address when I change services.

Ive used mine for years.