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MC760 not recognized by Windows 7



I've seen posts concerning this but not for exactly my issue.

I have an MC760 wireless modem and Windows 7 Pro does not recognize that I put it in the USB port.

The modem works fine as my XP laptop see it fine.


Any ideas?




Re: MC760 not recognized by Windows 7
Verizon Employee

Hello to you, bggas400! Thanks for asking about how to make your your Novatel MC720 (USB720) Broadband Access device work with your PC. I have to advise you that the device you have is not currently supported by Windows 7 Operating System. However, all is not lost! There are other devices in our inventory that will work with Windows 7. Our mobile hotspots can work with your PC, and can also support up to five different WiFi capable devices at a time!  


You can learn more about out mobile broadband devices here: . Thanks so much!

Re: MC760 not recognized by Windows 7

YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING, This MIFI 4510 drops connection all the time, support is useless unless all the apologies make you feel all fuzzy, updating firmware twice with tech on the phone and it;s blue screen, wrote a "ticket" on the 12th ...OF NOVEMBER and when I asked about it was told I should call support again, that's insanity to approach a problem the same way but expect a different outcome. I'VE POSTED 3 TIMES HERE CONSECUTIVE AND DROPPED THE CONECTION 3 TIME, JUST LIKE NOW. And I just discovered the Verizon store rep lied when he said there were no adaptors for my expresscard modem to usb for a new laptop with no expresscard slot. HOLD ON, if he didn't know there was one (available since 2008at least) he shouldn't say there isn't one. STOP THE UNADULTERATED **bleep** WITH THE "MOST RELIABLE..." AND "FASTEST ...." without the * if you are lucky disclaimer. If this is the most reliable we are the most gullable, naive, more money than brains consumers on earth. Can't take any more of this, searching for help and read this crap, I need to learn how to virtually kick somebody in their virtual {please keep your posts courteous}!