Do NOT Invest Your Time or Money in Home Fusion


I can't even begin to express the frustration with this "service".  In what reality can a company sell you a product and charge you a monthly fee knowing the product has a major flaw and doesn't work?  I have been on the phone with tech support so many times in the past month it's not even funny.  And while all of the people I have talked to were friendly, every one of them has said there is nothing they can do about the constant dropping of connection except to reboot the antenna each time.  They then go on to say that this is a "known issue and they are working on a patch with no known time frame of completion".  I have also tried to ask for a refund to no avail.  This is all on top of the ridiculous data cap, which you will exceed since you constantly have to restart your downloads with their faulty connection. I would strongly urge anyone thinking about getting this to not do it.  I will find every website I can that is discussing Verizon HF and discourage anyone I can from this mess.