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Is there any way to block a specific device from registering on the network extender?

I bought my network extender several years ago because I had little to no service at my home.  I had some issues with my ISP and Verizon returned the towers in the area so I disconnected it.  While it was disconnected, I changed my home alarm to be internet monitored with cell fall back (Verizon).  Recently I started working out of my home office in my basement more frequently.  I have very little reception, so I setup the network extender again.I now have reception in my office.  Recently, when I am uploading large amounts of data, all devices on my network come to a standstill until the files are complete.  I started getting notices from my alarm monitoring that they have lost communications.  After doing some investigating, I noticed that my alarm's cell radio is showing 5 of 5 bars or signal.  If I disconnect the network extender, it drops to 3 or 4 of the 5 bars.  If I reconnect, it goes back to 5 of 5 after the network extender starts working again.

I have moved the network extender to the other side of my house, but it doesn't work well in my office which is directly under the alarm panel.  My only other option I can think of if a device cannot be blocked is to sell my network extender and install a repeater with an outside antenna.


Re: Block Device


I assume there is a way to modify the Network Extender through your online account.

The user guide has this posted under the features area:

To prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Network Extender and diminishing your available bandwidth, you have the option to restrict the use of your Network Extender by logging into My Verizon at www.verizonwireless.com.

Try signing into your account and check out the area that lets you manage your devices.  I'd assume if there will be some sort of area that would allow you to specifically block/black list specific numbers or allow/white list others.  Wish I had the entire solution for you but this should be a good place to start looking.