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Best Access Manager Installation Method?

I have an XP PC successfully running Access Manager v. with a Pantech UML290.

What is the best way to get Access Manager installed on my new Windows 7 PC?

Is there a way to copy it from the XP machine to the Win 7 machine with a flash drive, cd, or dvd? Installation using the original Access Manager disk  (from 9/8/2011) got me a blue flashing light on the 290, and a 2 signal bar display in Access Manager. The "Connect" button never turned green and clicking it provided a WMC100 error.

I'll move the UML290 to the new PC after the software is installed.

Re: Best Access Manager Installation Method?

Download the VZ Access Manager for WIndows 7

Once you have the EXE file you can transfer it to your computer and install.

Re: Best Access Manager Installation Method?

Thanks for the direction, it worked perfectly.

For 3 days.

Now AM establishes a connection, I can see data being transmitted and received on the statistics page, but can't go to any web sites. Not even My Verizon.

I can ping DNS successfully, but pinging the gateway gets a "timeout" error.

I did a power down/up with no change, uninstalled & reinstalled AM to no avail.

What do I need to do?

(This is a new machine with a clean installation of Windows 7 Home Premium, and I've received close to 100 updates for Windows between the time my connection worked and when it broke.)

Re: Best Access Manager Installation Method?
Customer Support

Hi 1937w!

I'm sorry for the trouble the connection is causing you. Lets take a look at this! Was the UML 290 device used successfully on a previous PC? Are you getting any error messages or is the data just not being loaded?

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Re: Best Access Manager Installation Method?


Thanks for the reply. My 290 has worked flawlessly for nearly a year on my
XP machine, so no problem there. I'm able to move it between that and my new Win
7 computer without trouble.

I know absolutely 0 about how this type of networking works, but just for
fun I did a DNS ping in the diagnostics screen in VZAM. 4 packets out, 4 packets
back. Pinged the gateway next, but the 4 packets sent were never seen again.
Broken gateway right?

I went to a brand new Verizon store and related my troubles and the
salesperson there said the same thing happened when they received a gob of
windows updates. Rolled my pc back to the day before the updates arrived and got
my connection back! However, the gateway ping still doesn't get any
packets back. Don't know what to think about that.

A web search for "internet connection killed by windows updates" will
provide days of reading dating back several years. This isn't new.

Symptoms of the problem:

1.vzam successfully connects

2. statistics graphs show tx & rx

3. You can't actually go out to a website, not even with the MyVerizon
button in vzam.

I still haven't decided how to manage future windows updates.

Any thoughts are welcome.