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Access webcam on 4510L

Help,  I've got a wifi webcam configured/attached to the 4510L.  I also have my laptop configured/attached to the 4510L.  I've got the webcam configured as a static address (, and it shows up in the LAN tab of the 4510L control webpage.  I've got a dyn-dns account, and when I go into that account, it tells me I'm attached as a TCP number of  I get the same TCP number from my Windows 7 laptop and my Android (ICS) phone.  I've tried both port-forwarding in the config page (HTTP (Web) Server, which is presumably port 80), and downloading the config XML file and changing the DMZ section to '1' (on), and the TCP address of, and then uploading that config file.

Is what I'm trying to do possible?  Presumably Verizon is supporting this kind of activity, else why would the port-forwarding section be presented?  The 'WWAN' numbers of seem like a 'local/NATed' IP address...  How do I access the webcam from the internet?



Re: Access webcam on 4510L


Accessing the webcam over the internet will not be possible due to the NAT used on the 4G LTE network.  All LTE devices appear to be this way.  Since the MiFi 4510L is an LTE device it will always have an issue providing a public IP address to your computer and personal devices.  Port forwarding will not help as we have discovered in numerous threads.  You cannot port forward on a local/private IP address like 10.x.x.x.

The only work around is to purchase a static IP from VZW for several hundred dollars.  That or downgrade to a MiFi 2200 which is on the old GSM network and can provide public IP addresses.  Even the old network has a few NAT segments built into it now, but atleast you can reboot those devices until they pull a good public IP.  Hopefully this will change over time as VZW realizes how many webcam users there are.

Re: Access webcam on 4510L

You have 2 choices for Web Cam access.

1. Pay for a Static IP address $500 bucks to Verizon Wireless


2.  Bypass the Static IP address and get a Cloud Cam, the Cloud Cam bypassess the address and you will be able to view from any computer, android, or Iphone device.

You can view the different cloud cams, Fixed, Tilt, Outside.  I personally use the Fixed version and you can set it up to send you motion emails, record to an SD card, or to a NAS.