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whats taking so long the the BB Priv to get MM since it's running Android?

You guys forget about the BB Priv OS update? It runs Android but it seems you don't care. Its been released long ago and updated by other carriers. And yes i have checked your site for updates, contacted Verizon on Facebook, e-mail, messages and phone, with no answers except the same robot answers. I filled a complaint with Blackberry about Verizon slow updates they said it was released in April. What is going on, you going straight to Nougat?  HAHAHA  i doubt that. Fire the people in charge of updates and get people that can get it out in a timely matter. T-mobile is kicking your butts on updates and caught up in coverage, and now beats you with 5G speed. i know you don't care aout 1 person leaving but 'm am checking into it so i don't have to go through this.

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Re: whats taking so long the the BB Priv to get MM since it's running Android?

T-Mobile, and AT&T have actively been keeping the Priv up to date in both security and functionality updates.  In fact, every carrier domestic and international have been keeping up with updates except for Verizon.  The right forum to voice your concern is this one.

When will Verizon push Android Marshmallow for the Blackberry Priv?

At least you'll see that you aren't alone in your frustration.