New Blackberry's !!!!

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Verizon Wireless has announced the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8120 recently. Check out www.boygeniusreport.com or www.crackberry.com. Should be here late June...20th (ish).

I hate those T-Mo commericals about the butt-dialing and how the Flip stops that. Uhh.... keyboard lock anyone? Geeeez.


But July should shape up to be an eventful month as well. Come on Verizon... can we say Tour? Ooooh Blackberry 9630 how I long to hold your sleek body and caress your svelte curves. *tear*

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Re: New Blackberry's !!!!

I really like the specs on the Tour but with knowing every BB that comes out after it will have WI-FI and possible optical trackball is holding me back from being to excited. I know its suppose to have the fastest browser and is basically a storm with querty, I eally want to see or hear more about the Magnum and driftwood and get a look at  the 8530 curve first.