Re: Blackberry Tour 9630 updated to 3/29/2010


Problems with recent software upgrade:


First, after installing the recent software upgrade, and synchronizing, my recurring events on my Outlook calendar were changed to begin at 4am or 5am, rather than at midnight; this has made all of the events two day events.  This happened for all annual events, holidays, and other recurring events. The calendar on my Blackberry seems to be ok. The problem is rather that the Blackberry upgrade caused significant changes in the data on the Outlook calendar on my laptop.


If there’s no good fix, it’s going to be a daunting task to manually fix all of these unwelcome changes in my Outlook calendar. 


Second, the email folders on my Blackberry now contain nothing more than a very small fraction and very random sampling of SMS messages I’ve sent and received, plus some notifications about Voice Mails.  I’m wondering what happened to the great volume of recent SMS messages that were in the SMS/MMS folder, and what happened to all those emails that were in the email folder(s).  The SMS and MMS folder contains exactly the same SMS material as the email folders. 


I did go into the Blackberry and had it resend the service books, hoping this would resolve the problem.  Unfortunately this did not work. 


Help!  Please advise how to resolve these problems.