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BB vs. Smartphones

I'm looking for my next phone & am looking at smart phones.  Can someone explain a few things to me?


The biggest thing I want is to be able to take my calendar with me, and to have it automatically update with my computer.   I'm also looking for email & text capability. 


First, what is the difference between a BlackBerry and a generic 'Smart Phone'?  Does BB do somethings better? or worse?  What makes them their own category?


Secondly, what is the difference in Verizon's Data plans?  If the $30 plan is unlimited, what does the $45 plan do extra?



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Re: BB vs. Smartphones

I will try to explain, since this is my first Blackberry. I don't know about other "generic smartphones," but my Storm can do email, and texting and I love it! But I don't know about automatic updates to phones calender with computer because I hardly use it. I enjoy Storm because of the Media!  I will answer the second question now,  Not to be confused with texting or mms, they are part of another "bundle."  This "data plan" is "required" on all Blackberry phones:  The $29.99 is Blackberry Internet Service and it is for personal email, web browser, chat and it is "unlimited," means you can do all these things as long as you want. $45.00 is Blackberry Enterprise Server, which is used to hook up your Blackberry phone to your employer's email, and  internet account, it suppose to be "unlimited.":smileywink: