Loud Verizon Advertisements at 2:00 AM



I still get the wake up ads promoting mobile email. Through too many tech support calls, finally reloading the software made it stop for about a month. Now it's back. I have to believe there is no fix for this, as everything that has been tried, and reported as "fixed", has not worked. I will be calling today. I'm ready for a new phone, different model, and/or refund.  

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Re: Loud Verizon Advertisements at 2:00 AM


My parents get them as well. It drives them crazy. I wrote an email to write to that was supposed to solve it, vzdailyscoopsupport@mobileposse.com . However it didn't work (fully anyway)below is my original email and my reply.



Come on Verizon get this fixed NOW!!! This is crazy


Yes please take the numbers listed off of the daily scoop. And thank you for the information.
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 9:48 PM
Subject: RE: random advertisements


Good evening!


Please be advised alerts from VZ Navigator, Bing and BackUp Assistant have nothing to do with the Daily Scoop application; please contact Verizon Support for removal/suspension of those applications. If you still would like to suspend Daily Scoop I am happy to do so but I wanted to let you know that these applications are not interrelated before proceeding.




Janice B.

Verizon Daily Scoop Support

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Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 9:03 AM
To: VZW Daily Scoop Support
Subject: random advertisements


Good day,

I have two LG Cosmos Touch phones on my account and both of them receive advertisements that are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I understand that you can remove them from your database as the advertisements come in for Bing, and VZ Navigator at all hours of the day, but mostly during the middle of the night. I have gone through and done the


1)Turn off Daily scoop message settings
• Launch Daily Scoop
• Select ‘Menu->Options->Verizon Msgs’
• Choose ‘Off’ and ‘Save’.

• Repeat the same procedure for ‘Menu->Options->Bonus Msgs’


however this has not helped can you please remove the phone numbers




out of your database?


Thank you




Re: Loud Verizon Advertisements at 2:00 AM

Verizon Employee

Hello and thank you for posting to the forums. 


I understand your discontent with the Daily Scoop alerts. I can assist you with canceling these alerts. Please follow the steps below to cancel:


-  Launch Daily Scoop: Media CenterBrowse & Download menu > Daily Scoop icon

-  In Daily Scoop: Menu > Options > Verizon Msgs > Off

-  In Daily Scoop: Menu > Options > Bonus Msgs > Off


You may also contact Daily Scoop directly at vzdailyscoopsupport@mobileposse.com.


Thank you,