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LG enV Touch question


I have an LG EnV Touch phone. The screen doesn't always light up when I take the phone away from my ear. It's very frustrating when I'm trying to check voicemail or move through a menu. I have to open the phone and manually push numbers. This happens about every other time I use the phone. Is there a setting that I need to change? Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: LG enV Touch question

Customer Support

Hi DesdaZoe,

I feel your pain! A phone that does not light up when you take it away from your ear can be very inconvenient. I have had similar issues with some of my phones and more than once the issue was a screen protector covering the sensor that makes phone light up when pulled away from my ear. Do you have a screen protector on it? Remove it and test.
Additionally, try calibrating the screen: Menu>Settings & Tools>TouchSettings>Calibration. Also, make sure you have the current software version VX11VKV11. You can check by going to Settings & Tools> Phone Info>SW Version. If you have an older version choose software update. If you have the correct software version and issue continues do a factory reset and test.

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