LG Octane display icons. Please help?

I remember on my old lg env 3, It would have a display icon that would show when I got a new voicemail. I just have upgraded to the LG Octane, and it does not show this "new voicemail" icon anymore 😕 . This is really annoying because I forget to check my voicemail manually, and the icon really helped me out before ! Anyone know if I can turn it on somehow ..? or is it not included :s

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Re: LG Octane display icons. Please help?

Verizon Employee

Hi Girlofwonder33,


Does your phone notify you with a sound (or vibrate, depending on how the settings have been completed) when receiving a voice mail? Do you use Visual Voice Mail? In other wods, is it just the icon that isn't appearing?


Your device should be notifying you of the pending voice mail message; however, you should also be receiving the icon in your toolbar indicating you have an unheard message. 


Please try a soft reset of the device. This is done quickly and easily by simply removing the battery while the phone is powered on. Then, wait 60 seconds and re-attach the battery. I would then recommend calling your wireless phone from another phone and leave yourself a message, to see if the phone notifies you. 


Please respond back with your findings. We would be more than happy to complete additional troubleshooting steps if needed. 


Below is some information on the different ways to check your voice mail (if not using Visual Voice Mail). 


Checking Your Voicemail Box Using the Internal Keypad


1. Open the flip and press theKey [MENU].

2. Press Messaging.

3. Press Voicemail.

4. Options from here:l Press the Left Soft Key[Clear] to clear the Voicemailcounter, and then select Yesand press the Key.l Press or the Key[CALL] to listen to themessage(s).



1. Dial *86 (*VM) then pressfrom your phone or dial your wireless phone numberfrom any touch-tone phone.

2. Enter your password. Once entered, you will be able to access your voicemail box.



1. Press and hold the "1" Key speed dial to your voicemail.


I have also included a link to the User's Manual for the LG Octane. Simply scroll down and click on the device once you get to the web page. 




I hope this information is helpful. Have a good day!


Re: LG Octane display icons. Please help?


There is no option "4" when calling into the voice mail.  Here are the directions for changing the indicator status in voicemail:


Why isn't my Voice Mail message indicator working?


Your message indicator will not work if you are outside of the Verizon Wireless all-digital (1x) network, or if your message indicator is turned off. To verify that your Voice Mail message indicator is On:

  1. Access your Voice Mail.
  2. From the Main Menu, Press option "4" for Personal Options.
  3. Press "1" for Message Waiting Indicator On/Off.


This does not work.  I have had a new phone sent, and it doesn't alert to a new vm either.