LG Octane VN530 - how can I determine battery level

Hello friends.....
I got an LG Octane VN530 over the weekend but I can not figure out how to see the current battery status.
Other cell phones I've had have a display on the main screen that indicates battery life.
Any ideas?
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Re: LG Octane VN530 - how can I determine battery level

Verizon Employee

Hi Batguy!


Battery status is so important! I would like to share what I have found while researching this for you. 


I have checked the User's Manual for this device, and I see that the battery status is listed on the top right of the notification bar on the device. Is this not showing on your particular phone?


Here is a picture of the Octane, and the battery life shows on the very top right-hand corner of the display. 



I have included a link for the phone guides, so you can view, print, or download it. Once clicking on the link, please click on the picture of the Octane. 




I hope this information is helpful!