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Hey Folks, Hoping someone can help me out. I use a smartphone at work (ATT - not by choice). My Family (wife+2 kids + Grandma) are on Verizon Family plan (I think 1400 minutes - or whatever - plenty with the 10 most called feature). Daughter has unlimited text or I would be broke.  I have allowed each phone commit to lapse.  Sorry the detail.

I am looking to purchase used/obsolete phones that do not require additional data charges of Verizon.  The family only consumes phone minutes and phone-phone text. Believe kids have ENV2 (3 required data plan), Mom is Voyager 10000, and Grandma on circa early 2000 clam.

Any suggestions for phone purchase that do not require data plans. I think the world of Verzion service; just doesn't get better.  Unfortunate the marketing team is always working to take more of my wallet and the billing team are masters with disguise.

Can I purchase say Blackberry Pearl 8230 ($20.00  new) and activate without data plan capability?


Thanks for any guidance... Much appreciated.

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Re: Help - Non Smart Phones


I am looking for some answers on this very question myself. But mine is just for my daughters phone which she dropped in a rain gutter a few weeks ago. But I would probably say that anything that is a blackberery would be out of the question as far as activating it and not having a data plan on it.