Feature Phone used as eReader

I am interested in getting an eReader, but I don't want to carry around a phone and another device. I understand Verizon hasfeature phones that don't require data plans. I'm very interested in this option, but is there a feature phone that doesn't require adata plan and can be used as an eReader? Perhaps something where I could pay-as-I go data plan, or transfer eBooks from mylaptop to my phone via cable or card.

Thank you, and happy holidays, everyone!

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Re: Feature Phone used as eReader


At this time we do not have a feature phone with that capability. However here is a link to sign up for updates so you can stay informed of what we do release: Click Here: https://email.vzwshop.com/servlet/formlink/f?NFOQU&SOURCEID=WEB_DGF_VZW_SUPPORTNAV