Dirt-cheap 4G phone for Verizon?



Both my wife and I have old CDMA flip-phones that will go away after the end of this year, so we need to replace them.

I spend a lot of time overseas so I want to get a dual-sim phone that works both here and in Europe.  Since it's easier to get a phone there that will work here than getting one here that will work there, that's where I plan to buy it.  However, politics has it's say and there are some phones that flat-out refuse to work with US sims, regardless of capabilities.

What I want to do is get a phone here that I can put a 4G sim in, take it overseas and use the sim to try out phones there, and eventually put the Verizon sim into a good phone I bought while overseas.

Obviously I don't want to spend any kind of significant money for a phone that will be used for a very few months, so I'm looking for a dirt-cheap phone I can switch my existing number to.  Ideally less than $50.  A lot less than $50 if I can get it.

Since this phone will be strictly temporary, for test purposes only, it doesn't need ANY bells-and-whistles.

Any idea where I can get a 4G phone that will work on Verizon Wireless' network that I can use as a "throw-away" phone?


Jim "JR"


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, JIMRH and we certainly get the need for purchasing a 4G smartphone for as cheap as possible considering its temporary use. The closest price option we offer is a Nokia 2 V Prepaid smartphone for $69.99. To use this device on a postpaid account, the first month of prepaid service needs to be paid. You can view the phone here: http://spr.ly/6601E2v4N


If you simply wish to provide your own phone you can use our bring your own device link attached to make sure the phone is compatible. Let us know if you needed anything else. http://spr.ly/6603E2v4f





Re: Dirt-cheap 4G phone for Verizon?