Using IPhone 5 in Europe

My daughter is visiting Poland, Czech Republic and Austria currently. We have Verizon's Global plan for 100 MB data, 100 text & 100 minutes.  All of Europe is supposed to have at least 3G coverage according to Verizon's website. When she attempts to search Safari without wifi, it won't connect. Is there something additional she needs to do???

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Re: Using IPhone 5 in Europe

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Make sure the data roaming is turned on as well as the cellular data.

Go to   settings > cellular > roaming   turn on data roaming

Re: Using IPhone 5 in Europe

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Make sure under settings/cellular/roaming voice and data turned on, international CDMA off.  Turn phone off completely by holding sleep/wake button, after a minute turn back on with the same button until Apple logo shows up.