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Re: Delayed voicemails showing up weeks to days later

@NoChoiceofService wrote:

Get use to it.  Our service has been that way for years.  Verizon can't do anything about it.

True, I've been telling Verizon about this for 6-7 years. In the past, tech support would say things like "We will upgrade the 'priority' of your voicemail box" and other things that I knew were just to placate me because none of the "fixes" did anything. And why would my "priority" have been less before? Because I'm sure it wasn't true.

Shame on Verizon for never fixing this and now shifting the blame to Apple. I had this issue on an LG phone before I even had an iPhone. Plus, it's not just with voicemails, it's with text messages as well.

Most recently, I left an important voicemail for my fiancee last week. She never got it until I  left another voicemail a day or two later, which triggered both to be delivered together. There are text messages I sent her months ago which she still hasn't received. This is inexcusable. Come on, Verizon.

Re: Delayed voicemails showing up weeks to days later
Customer Support

NoChoiceofService, we want to exhaust all of our options to ensure you have a reliable network experience. It's never our intention to reduce the existing coverage you have in the area. How is your service impacted exactly? Can you please provide an intersection and city where your service is poor?




Re: Delayed voicemails showing up weeks to days later

I've had this exact same problem with voice messages.  I received a call today at which time two voice messages left 24 hours and 48 hours earlier, respectively, came in simultaneously - apparently pushed by the incoming call.

The nearest intersection and zip code where my phone was located at the time both messages were left: Bushkill Dr. & Detrich Rd., 18040

This area is notorious for poor cellular service.  I regularly have one bar of 4G service which occasionally changes to a single bar of 1x.  But if I missed calls/messages at this location, shouldn't they automatically get pushed to my phone next time I'm at a location with a better signal, instead of 24 hours and 48 hours later, respectively!?

Re: Delayed voicemails showing up weeks to days later

I have the same problem as the other 129 users on this post. It has put me in multiple awkward situations with family and friends. I thought I was during something wrong. I have read through much of this thread and finally found the solution: Switch to AT&T when my VW contract is up.