Activate Apple Watch on Prepaid plan?


Does anyone know with certainty if an Apple Watch 4 can activate cellular on a Verizon prepaid plan? It seems to me that to activate cellular on the watch you need "Numbershare." And, "Numbershare" does not appear to be offered to prepaid plans.  Therefore, I'm concluding prepaid plans cannot activate cellular on Apple Watch 4.

The info I've found so far is dated 2018.  Does anyone know for sure about this?  

Re: Activate Apple Watch on Prepaid plan?


Would really like this to be the case and/or supported soon.  Right now I'm paying double than what I could pay using Prepaid just because I have an apple watch.  Seems like a no-brainer to do.  I always pay off my devices when I get them so Prepaid would be the best option and still retaining my Verizon service.  But...  I can't because I have an Apple Watch on Cellular using Numbershare and apparently it's not supported yet.