wich would be beter?


ok so i have ben a iphone user almost all my life only played around with android phone and i was thinking about geting a note 2 for a long time and my main reason is thats its biger but now i am thinking that the s 4 would be beter because it is only a inch or so small its also 250 with mail in rebate where the note 2 has ben out almost 6 months and is still 300 and i am hoping there will be a price drop but not relly shure so my question is what are the pros and cons of each device would one be beter than the other for some one new to android or would it matter?

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Re: wich would be beter?

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What i read The S4 is a big step up of the S3 with more features). On the Note 2 it's Wider might be at times awkward to hold but if your into Writing on the Screen that type of thing it might just the thing to go with here is some stuff on Each