text memory full; phone storage full - how to fix?


I have an LG Ally.  Continually I receive messages saying a text could not be delivered because my text memory is full, or I have no more phone storage left.  I go through, delete all the texts, delete pictures, and have tried to delete unwanted apps but cannot because the uninstall tab is disabled.  I've turned the phone off, removed the battery, etc. and sometimes this works (after I've deleted a bunch of stuff) but it doesn't always work.  Soon afterwards I get these messages again and cannot receive texts.  What's the fix for this? 

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Re: text memory full; phone storage full - how to fix?


If you have already deleted your text messages, try this.

Go to settings > applications > manage applications applications > all tab > scroll down to dialer storage. If it is fairly large (> 500 KB), select it and press the clear data button.

Clearing the Dialer Storage will delete your text messages and your call log.

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