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select, copy, paste text on a Droid Eris


Hello again,


Update to a previous closed message.


Does anybody know why in some cases the menu options you get when you press and hold on text you want to copy are different?


I am seeing 3 different scenarios while trying to copy the content of an email into a note or another email:



If I'm in an email or in an email I am forwarding per an earlier suggestion, the only option I get is "Copy text", not select or any of the others.  When I select copy text and go to a note or a new email where i want to copy it to and I press down, I don't get any options.



Step 1 of testing copy features: If I'm in a new email I'm composing and I press on the screen, I get this option "Edit Text:  Copy all", if I select it, I can paste the text wherever.

Step 2 of testing copy features: If I then go into and email, select forward, go down to the body of the email that I want to copy elsewhere on my phone and press on the screen, I get the option "Edit Text: Copy text" which I select.  Then I go to where I want to copy this 2nd piece of text, I press on the screen and get the option "Edit Text: Paste", when I paste it actually pastes the text copied in Step 1, not Step 2.



When I select to forward an email so I can get the content into an 'editable state' per one of the response on a previous message posted on the board, I press the screen, get the option "Edit Text: Copy text" then I got to a note or a new email and press and get "Edit text:  the options listed are "Select all, Select text, Cut all, Copy all".  When I select 'Paste" it only pastes 1 letter from the text not the whole thing. 


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