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I am having problems with the samsung nexus galaxy. It keeps resetting and I cannot do much. Every once in a while I can do something before it resets. Any ideas? Also when it resets, it resets to friday dec 31st at 4pm and it is only dec 27 like 10pm. please help

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I would say check your apps because you are running ICS that isnt supported by a number of applications because devlopers has updated the software for the new OS code...  If you have a number of apps installed try removing the apps and see if the issue goes away..

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Hi Shortay175, welcome to the community! I understand that can be extremely frustrating to have your phone constantly shut off constantly. Is the phone powering off after using any certain applications or tasks? As Wildman suggested, if any applications transferred over from your previous phone, they may not be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich. Try removing any recently installed applications, especially any that have transferred over from your previous device.

If you are still having issues, boot your phone into safe mode. This disables third party applications to see if one may be causing the issue. If the issue is resolved in safe mode, keep removing applications until issue resolved. If the issue is not happening in safe mode, I suggest a factory reset. This will erase all data on the device and reset it to the factory default settings. Before doing this, make sure your contacts, pictures & videos are backed up. For pictures & videos, you will need to connect to your computer to back them up. Also, to make sure the issue doesn't occur again, please go to Settings, Backup & Reset and uncheck Back up my data and Automatic restore. This will prevent the same applications from being automatically re-downloaded.

Thank you, let me know if you need any further assistance.