keyboard super sensitivity?Much like the built in mouse on laptop


I read about a program to download which might help and the comment re. such as being "too much trouble"...i.e. that would be how I KNOW I would feel. I am playing with the phone as was told, have downloaded the manual and studied it and am waiting for a hard copy which I ordered yest. Have had this phone for a few days and have made LOTS of progress but still have to call the 1-800 number for help to get myself out of or into "stuff"!!!!!!!! Have def. learned a lot by "playing". I will REALLY like this phone once I GET it.....I have tried various methods to > my ability to use the HIGHLY (imo) sensitive keyboard to no avail!!!!! I thought by now I would have it down---my daughter HATES the touch screen---I don't want to go there!!!! H-E-L-P!!!!!!! I SLOWLY type and try dif. angles on my thumb pressure and STILL get the wrong key--much back spacing to complete only a brief reply to someone....AGAIN!!!! HELP---all suggestions are welcome; NEVER used a touch screen before so perhaps in a week I'll be better??? Only 3 days of practice does not make perfect.....Thanks for any and all help...


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Re: keyboard super sensitivity?Much like the built in mouse on laptop

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Jane, have you tried going into touch input and keyboard, Touch Input, Text input, and running the calibration tool?


For some people this helps a lot as to accuracy when typing. 


Hint:  When doing the training, try typing like you would WANT to type - try to be accurate with your typing, but don't "study the screen" and try to hit exactly in the center with each key press...  If do you this, then the system wll learn that you type slow and exact, which is not what you want. :smileyhappy:


Re: keyboard super sensitivity?Much like the built in mouse on laptop

I feel your pain! I was having the same problem and getting frustrated to the point of returning the phone. For years I have been using the pressure sensitive touch screen on smartphones  that allowed warp factor ten typing with the just the itty bitty corner of my acrylic nails. I soon realized that my technique was all wrong and I am now typing faster than the Texting Texas Tornado! (otherwise known as my teenager)

For what its worth, here are a few ideas.

Plan A (worked for me) 

Hold the phone make sure you use the screen in landscape for larger key size, check that the presumptive spelling is turned on, also, turn on the clicky sound thing and the vibration setting and set the volume up.  It made a huge difference to me to be able to "feel" the keys with these sounds. Now start typing somedthing you have memorized,
ie favorite song lyrics, that way thinking of what to say will not slow you down. Begin typing FAST. Believe it or not, the faster you type the greater your chances of hitting the correct key. Type slow and precise and you will miss that key everytime. Don't look too closely at the each keystroke, instead,follow the text line on top and the word choices as they pop up. The word spell application in the keyboard program takes a guess at your misspelled word and offers you, 9 times at of 10, the correct word. Tap the correct word as soon as it you notice it appear, usually by the third letter.
Tap the orange box whenever it pops up and your unique vocabulary is added to its database. have found that if I am close to the correct letter on the keyboard, lets say I hit E instead R and I continue typing the remainder of the word, I hit the letters EASIN, the program autocorrects and offered me the intended word, REASON. With a little practice
you should type faster with less frustration.

Plan B ( no experience with this app. but it gets good reviews)

Try downloading the much loved application from Android Market, "A Better Keyboard".

Plan C ( I would have one myself if I hadn't thrown out those darn pocket protectors)

Since so many gals, and a few guys, raged aganist the machine a stylus designed for the i-phone is available and should work on the Droid. It doubles as a pen and is ugly as all get out. C'est la Vie!!

I hope this helps you.