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alerts or annoying beeps

not so much as a question as it is more of a helpful nature to those who are newbies on androids and mobile/cell phones.

I recently purchased the samsung galaxy note ll.  i am not sure if it was the sales person who did this or me while exploring the phone.

I kept getting this annoying beep sound every minute and it did not matter if I was using the headset (bluetooth) or speaker it would beep every minute.

I called verizon, went back to the store, i talked to other people who has the same phone.   NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT, nor DID THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO.....   AND ESPECIALLY VERIZON THEMSELF........

WELL I am here to tell you what i found out just by exploring.

it was called a minute minder, i guess for those that need to track their minute usage. 

here's how to set it up or to deactivate it.

1. tap or swype on your phone icon

2. tap the menu icon

3. scroll to call settings

4 tap on call alert

5. tap on call status tones

6 choose to check mark it or un check it

7 tap okay

8. tap your return button until your back at the home screen. 

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Re: alerts or annoying beeps
Customer Support


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your finding with us and other community members. I am sure they will find this information very helpful.

John B

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