Youtube problem and how to delete music in Eris??


I just got my first Smart phone, which is Eris.  And I am having a lot of problems figuring things out.  I went to the support page and read everything including the manual, and there are things that have not been addressed.


1. YouTube video is not running.  I see there are many people who have the same problem from this Forum.  But is there a solution to this? I simply click the Youtube icon on the menu.  I could put my account info in and got my account up but no video canbe played.


2.  I connected the USB and transferred music from my laptop to Eris.  Somehow, it transferred all music in the laptop, which was not my intention.  I wanted to transfer just one album.  Now I cannot delete all the other albums from Eris.  How can I delete the music/album that I do nt want to be on Eris?  And the album that I intended to transfer successfully transferred without album cover icon.  all the other albuns that I did not want to transfer to Eris got the album cover icons.  How ironic....


If anybody can help, I would appreciate it.  The life was ismpler with my old flip phone....

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Re: Youtube problem and how to delete music in Eris??





Try following the steps exactly and see if this will actual help with deleting all the albums you didnt want to have on your phone and help with downloading the correct album that you desired to have on your phone.

To delete a playlist:


In the Playlists screen, press and hold the playlist you want to delete.

2. In the options menu, tap Delete playlist

Tip : To delete multiple playlists, in the Playlist screen, press MENU and thenDelete playlists.


Copying music on to the storage card

1. Set the phone’s storage card as a USB drive. See “Using the

2. On the computer, navigate to the USB drive and open it.

3. Create a folder on the root folder of the storage card

Tip You can also create and use folders to organize your music inside

4. Copy the music into the folder you have created.

5. After copying music, unmount or eject the drive as required by

6. Disconnect the phone from the computer.

your computer’s operating system to safely remove the phone.

the Music folder you have created.

(for example, Music).

Phone’s Storage Card as a USB Drive” in Chapter 1 for details.