Xperia Z3


So the great news about Sony's new flagship coming to verizon. I just wanted to voice an opinion here. I think we need more verizon logos on the device.(Not...)  I was going to upgrade to the Z3 compact, (if it comes as the Z3 did) but I can't stand logos on the phone. I have an HTC m7 with about half a day's worth of battery. The Z3 compact would be my dream phone. (5.2in is too big for me). So does anyone feel similar? If they bring the compact( no logos) I might actually renew my contract. I don't expect zero branding, but bloatware is removable, printed logos are a bit harder.

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Re: Xperia Z3


Verizon doesn't get it. They are out of touch with their customers. I'm in the same boat as you. I wanted the Z3 Compact with my choice of color. They provided neither. Go to T-Mobile and buy an unlocked Z3 Compact.