Why do my apps keep going on device storage instead of my SD card?


You used to be able to designate where you wanted apps stored on your phone - device storage or sd card.  After one of the Verizon updates my phone is constantly automatically moving apps to device storage.  I go in and then move them to sd card but they don't stay there.  It is causing storage issues but I have plenty of room on my sd card.

How do I end the madness????

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Re: Why do my apps keep going on device storage instead of sd card?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I  also love downloading applicatins onto my phone.  Being able to contorl your phones storage space is always great to be able to add more of your favorite things.  After recent updates the phones are no longer allowing the capabilites to save the applications onto the SD.  You can take advantage of the Verizon Cloud to help conserve stroage space.  http://vz.to/1wzL0ps

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