Why can't callers hear me?


I got my phone in November '14 and a few weeks after I started getting complaints that people couldn't hear me.  I tried everything on the internet, like clearing the cache, resetting, and blowing out the microphone with compressed air.  Nothing worked so I called support and while they were nice, they didn't really help me.  They claimed that they could hear me fine.  I've been trying to deal with it using speakerphone or headphones, but it's really frustrating.  I upgraded to Lollipop last week, but it isn't any better.  Any other help out there?  I have the total protection, can I get it replaced?  I know this is a defect because the phone hasn't been damaged, I haven't dropped it or gotten it wet.  Oh, the screen also gets really hot when I'm using it.  I don't know if that's related or not.  Thanks for your suggestions!

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Re: Why can't callers hear me?

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With total protection you can have a replacement, albeit a refurbished unit, in 2 days time.  What phone are you using?

Re: Why can't callers hear me?

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We want to make sure everyone can hear you when you are on the phone with them. We appreciate all the troubleshooting you have done thus far. What make/model device do you have? To clarify, do you receive the complaint that others can not hear you on all calls our just when to speaking to certain people? Did anything change on your device around the time issue started?

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