Why am I being told I can't "Bring Your Own Device"?


According to this campaign they have, you can "get that old unused phone" and "Bring Your Own Device". Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Prepaid, Plus Enjoy Flexible Plans

They don't even use terminology like "select devices", but when I have tried bringing my HTC DNA which was released in Nov 2012, they tell me that it isn't compatible with the prepaid 4g plans. Yet the new G3 and some newer phones, and some older phones I can trade in mine to get $60 and buy one of those instead. I asked online, and on a call and people have told me I shouldn't have a problem using the $45 prepaid plan with my HTC DNA, but my local store tells me I can't. I'm not under contract, and my phone is inactive atm so its not anything like that. Anybody have any suggestions or insight?

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