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When will the Verizon HTC One (M8) finally get the Extreme Power Saving Mode software update?

Other carriers (AT&T, Sprint) already have it, but Verizon is taking forever apparently.

When will Verizon customers be able to download and use this new mode?

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Re: When will the Verizon HTC One (M8) finally get the Extreme Power Saving Mode software update?

T-Mobile already got the update too, the rest of the world had extreme power saving mode already on the M8 upon purchase/activation and I believe M7 owners on Verizon are currently receiving this update. May we please receive our update or at least an estimate of when it will be rolled out?

Re: When will the Verizon HTC One (M8) finally get the Extreme Power Saving Mode software update?

I recently bought an HTC One m8 from Verizon, and like many other customers the Extreme Power-saving Feature was one of my keys factors to deciding to buy. I was very disappointed to learn after the fact that Verizon had not included, and has no intention to include the feature in the future. (Mentioned in other threads in the forum). I've read the argument made that Verizon never advertised the feature and never said it would be included with their version of the phone, but they also never went out of the way to warn perspective buyers that the feature, which is part of the m8 phone on other carriers and marketed by HTC as a part of their phone wouldn't be included. When people are researching phones before they decide what to get they read what features the manufacturer(s) have designed and implemented in those phones, not search to find all the things the carrier may have stripped from the phone.

It's impractical and offensive to tell a customer that its his/her responsibility every time they buy a phone from them to dig deep into website forums and look for what they decided to remove from it that the manufacturer had built, and advertised to be in their phone. This is the type of thing that is bad PR for Verizon, and something that will make customers go to other carriers. I don't want to offend some of the nice Verizon employees who want to  help their customers and simply don't have the power to correct the issue themselves, but its in Verizon's best interest to either fix their network to work with this feature, or find/hire someone else who will. Doing it soon before the issue escalates and news of Verizon's statement to do nothing to correct the issue for their HTC One m8 customers spreads like wildfire and burns them.

I hope someone at Verizon doesn't let the rest of the company go on ignoring the issue and steps up to find a  way to enable Extreme Power Saving Mode on the Verizon Network. Right now the impression many people have is something along the lines of: now that you've bought a phone from us, and signed up for a contract with us we don't care what you want and think.

In the meantime it would be a good idea to enable the option in the phone with a popup message when enabled that reads something along the lines of: Verizon has concluded that in some cases Extreme Power Saving Mode can cause network issues. If you experience network issues please disable extreme power saving mode and return to one of the  other power modes. Verizon will continue to research the issue, and will institute a fix if/when a solution is found.