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Re: What is the purpose of *228 and when do you use it?

The facts are, *228 option 1 does initial program AND option 2 (PRL Update). Option 1 only needs to be done when initially activated or reactivated. Option 2 that retrieves the newest PRL's should be done every 2-3 months, so vzw says. But I do it more often.  For Smartphone / PPC owners, per vzw Data support, it's OK. If not recommended to do Opt. 1 as often as Opt. 2 due to the fact that theirs potentially more data that will / can be retrieved.

Re: What is the purpose of *228 and when do you use it?

JungleJim wrote:

I just tried to use the *228 and it said that this feature is not available use *611.  Without going to *611 (whatever that is) why would this feature not be available?


i KNOWTICED this too when i called once.  it was because my signal strength was not up to par to handle the reprogramming.  it is telling you that so you can find a better place to perform the function.


strange, when i had AT&T, they too said once a week but it was more of turning off my phone for at least 5 minutes in order for my phone to connect to the best tower.