Voicemail notification and dialing issues on Moto X


I recently had to do a hard reset on my Moto X 1st generation 32mb.  (pain in the a$$ but it fixed the main issue). Now there's a couple things I can't get to work the way they did before related to voicemail:

  1. Can't figure out how to add the pause and password on to the *86 it automatically dials when I click on New Voicemail notification. I have already added it to the Contact called Voicemail but that doesn't seem to help.
  2. I used to have a different tone for voicemail notifications vs. messaging/text notifications. Now I can't find anywhere that indicates a separate tone for voicemail.

For both issues I've gone into Settings-->Sound AND Settings-->Apps-->Voicemail but can't find what I need in either place. I KNOW I did it before!

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Re: Voicemail notification and dialing issues on Moto X

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Let's figure this out together. Having access to your VM and being able to make changes as needed is important. Lets try a few other things here. Are you able to go into the Voicemail application itself (not dialing *86) and going into the menu then select settings to see if you can adjust the sounds that way? Keep us posted.

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