Voice Cutting in and Out during phone calls (3 phones, all the same)


For the past year or so, I had been experiencing problems with my Droid Bionic. I will be on a call and at some point, the person I am talking to will not be able to hear what I am saying, or hear every other word. It has been described as "garbley". This happens on pretty much every call I make that lasts more that 5ish minutes.  This has been completely random. It happens when I am at home, driving, or basically anywhere. (I always have full or near-full bars of service when this happens). It happens no matter who I am talking to, and at any time of day. Other phones on my plan work fine.

The first thing I did, almost a year ago was take it to a verizon store. The associate told me it was probably one of the apps I am running. So I uninstalled ALL of them. Still no difference. My voice still cut out of calls.

About six months ago, I brought it in to another Verizon store, and explained what was happening, and what I had already done. They sent me a new Droid Bionic. Guess what.... same issue. Even right after setup.

This week, I went to a verizon store and activated my new HTC One. I figured this would DEFINITELY solve the problem.... as I thought it was an issue with the Bionic. Now I am frustrated beyond belief because it is still happening... I have already invested quite a bit of time and money into this problem... and nothing has worked. I have had 3 separate phones with this problem, and two different types of phones. If I have to swap phones again I might lose my mind. (Plus... I really like the One... when I am not trrying to talk to someone on it).

My phone is NOT rooted. I am running Android version 4.2.2 with HTC Sense version 5.0

Any input would be HUGELY appreciated... I feel like I have tried everything short of dropping Verizon (which I *can* do... as I didn't renew my contract)

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