Verizon please enable the removal of Bloatware on Android phones


I'd like to address an issue that seems to be irritating many individuals, Bloatware Apps. I have had my own issue with these. Bloatware, the apps that are preloaded and locked on various Verizon phones are not only memory hogs, but also randomly crash during the use of the phone. They slow the phone down, drain your battery, spy on you, crash your other programs, and leave it open to exploits by hackers.

I bought a phone from Verizon. Therefore, Verizon is offering me a service. That service, due to Verizon's preloaded apps is causing a substandard experience. For example, even if I clear the memory, and the apps data, they eventually start up again and cause problems. This is awful, and it must be fixed. Now I am guessing that the reason the apps are locked on the phone is that Verizon foolishly signed contracts with vendors, which contractually locked the apps on the phones. That was a bad business move. And bad decision-making on the part of your corporate heads, shows that you are a company that either doesn't understand the technology, or just doesn't care about your customers.

Dealing with these apps has been so infuriating, that I am considering changing carriers. <Phone hacking comments removed per the .> I have extensive computer experience, namely with Linux Operating Systems, so this would not be hard for me. However, I do not want to do this. So Verizon, could you please give me the option of removing the apps, or even taking it to a store to have them removed, because locking in your customers on a substandard experience is an awful business practice.

Is it possible to fix this?

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Re: Verizon please enable the removal of Bloatware on Android phones

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Ya may want to do a search. This has been discussed to death. All carriers have the bloatware, so going elsewhere will not get a bloatfree phone. VZW has really cut back on what they used to have.

Also, it is not like you did not know the apps were there, when you purchased the device.