Verizon failing to warn a loyal customer


Hi, I purchased a iphone 4 to start my contract about 8 months ago. I was really happy I liked the service etc. (Note IPHONE 4 Has 3g not 4)

Then i went back to upgrade my plan to family shared everything unlimited and added a Galaxy s3 to my line, The guy told me it was the best phone etc,

He talked me into that exact phone, he also told me it has 4g lte available to it, so i purchased it, when i got it i was happy.

Until i noticed that it kepted saying 3g..3g...3g...3g where is my 4g? or my 4g lte?

Come to find out there are no towers where i live and funny enough the verizon store i go to is in my area! i even drove there sat in there parking lot to see if i had a 4g connection there and i didnt, so that means this guy basically scammed me by talking me up about the 4g lte couldnt he have said hey just to let you know there are no 4g lte towers here or 4g towers here yet etc. I feel like i was scammed, i pay 180 amonth for 2 phones not just that i also have verizon home where i pay 300 a month, so why scam a loyal customer, even though wireless and home might not be together its the name i am loyal to.

so i am writing this because, TMOBILE gets 4g here, every where around where i live they get it, and i am most likely going to tmobile, i am trying to see if i can get my security deposit back and get out of a ETA before i leave, because this is enough to leave.

Honestly verizon wireless? You could give more information out to your customers when they are in the exact same location!

I had this problem with sprint and the sprint store was in my location also, found out i was actually roaming all the time, i called up and they told me to keep my phones and they gave me back my security deposit to come to verizon... so i am hoping the least verizon can do is either A give me my security deposit back or B give me no ETA fee ill check back and let ya know what happens...

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Re: Verizon failing to warn a loyal customer

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OK first of all Share Everything does not have an unlimited EVERYTHING plan. Only the minutes and texting are unlimited.

T-Mobile has ZERO 4G LTE. they might have FAKE 4G but they do not have 4G LTE.

If you have Verizon 3G you WILL have Verizon 4G LTE by the middle of the year. So please what is your issue? It's not like you phone doesn't work. Also if you got another 3G phone and 6 months form now 4G lit up in your area you'd be just as mad because you're stuck with a 3G only phone for another year or so.

Also how upgraded when you only had a contract for 8 months is beyond me.

You never mention where you are located. The store employee doesn't work on the towers he wouldn't have clue to what tower are 3G or 4G or whatever. By the way this website DOES have a map you could have used to see if it had 4G. Also you could have simply ask the guy to see an working 4G phone and you would have seen if 4G was active in the area or not.

You're not getting you security deposit back and you will have to pay a ETF to leave

You were not scammed. >Comment deleted<

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