User Error Maybe?


Question: Is there any chance that most complaints about certain phones and updates not functioning properly due to user error?


Is it possible that there's not much wrong with the phones that are out or the updates that are available, and that it's just uneducated or naive user error?


I have not experienced half of the problems I've been reading about with my phone. I understand that sometimes you get a faulty phone or whatever, that's electronics. But could it be that people are trying to do too much with their phones and in return, their phones are bugging out?

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Re: User Error Maybe?

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Generally speaking, someone who used a simple feature phone, moves to an Android device it's generally hard for them to switch. Sometimes the whole UI thing doesn't 'click' with people like it did to me.


This of course, doesn't go without saying that as an experienced Android user since day one that the actual OS doesn't have it's own faults. I've seen more force close notifications than I have hair. That's a lot (or a little depending on who you are, but I digress). Regardless, I'd say that it goes half and half. Users don't know the Android OS very well, and the OS itself can have it's own faults.


But honestly, the frequency at which I've seen Force Close notifications evens out through the timespan of my using Android.


Re: User Error Maybe?

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I have had no problems.  I believe most issues are user error.