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Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped

i have a droid 4 and it has constantly keeps showing this message. i've restarted it and deleted the last few apps i downloaded. help please

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Re: Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped
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Hi trina9903,

Sorry about the inconvenience you have been experiencing with your device. Let's get this issue fixed. Thanks for taking the first steps in the troubleshooting process by deleting some applications from your phone. The next step we would to complete is to put the phone in Safe Mode. This will help us determine if and application is causing the phone to malfunction. Please follow these steps

If your phone is working normally while on Safe Mode, we would need to complete a Hard Reset. Here are the steps to complete the Hard Reset Please let us know if you need additional help.



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Re: Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped

that wont work. i have tried everything! for mine, unfortunately, (fill in blank) has stopped. does it with everything.....browser, camera, gallery, google play, youtube, messaging, etc, i can go on forever. mine goes crazy with this, then freezes and even the power button & volume down key wont restart. ive done several factory resets, it never fixes anything. this all started after ics upgrade. got so bad, verizon gave me a refurbished phone and guess what? turned on the new phone today right out of the box, inserted my sim card, didnt even put in my sd card or download any apps, went to the play store, right when i opened it, it says 'unfortunately google play has stopped'. i thought, 'r u kidding me', went to browser, same thing.....unfortunately browser has stopped. how can this be if i just turned on the phone, no sd card, no downloaded apps, only thing in the phone is the stupid sim card. i am beyond fed up with this. i have had the phone less than 12 hrs and i've already had to reboot twice because it froze and i couldnt even power off the phone the normal way. i dont even know what to do with this anymore. its really nothing more than a glorified paperweight because it doesnt work when i need it to. half the time, the phone will ring, and it doesnt even show up on the screen that im getting a call, it will vibrate (sometimes) and show the phone symbol in the notifiication bar, but its frozen, so i have no way to answer it. so frustrating. if this phone doesnt get the jelly bean upgrade soon, i will be leaving and going to t mobile. i have a friend that has the same phone 'droid 4', he saw all the probs i have having after the upgrade to ics, so he wont download ics, he just keeps ignoring it when it pops up on the screen. i would give anything to go back to b4 ics, my phone operated perfectly b4 it. downloading ics is on of the biggest mistakes i have ever made! now i'm stuck paying almost $100/month for a glorified paperweight until it gets jellybean. x