Trouble with Deleting Messages-Freezes Phone


I switched to Verizon in December and got the Driod Eris as recommended by the sales guy...and have had TONS of issues with it. The latest one is with text messages threads that I desperately need to delete...especially because a warning keeps popping up that I am running out of internal phone memory. I have deleted the apps that I don't use and now am attempting to delete the text messaging threads. Every time I try to delete a thread it freezes my phone, then prompts for me to "force close" the application. After that I can't access my messages for a long time (like 10 mins or more) and the original thread I was trying to delete is still there. This is really really frusterating. I keep having to take out my battery to even get the phone to un-freeze sometimes too. Why is it so freaking difficult to delete messages on this phone?! I miss my AT&T samsung right about now.

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Re: Trouble with Deleting Messages-Freezes Phone

Depending how long the thread is that you are trying to delete, maybe try deleting some of the individual messages in the thread first. If the phone will let you delete an individual message, the long thread was perhaps too big for the phone to handle while it is low on memory.

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Re: Trouble with Deleting Messages-Freezes Phone


Set your backlight to a long time period (Ten minutes) and try to delete your messages. The phone tries to sleep when you delete your messages, and it makes the phone freeze. If the backlight timer stays on longer it shouldn't freeze. Try plugging your phone in at night and deleting, if you have really large threads, because the backlight will stay on. I have provided the steps below.


From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located in the lower-left).
Touch Settings.
Touch Sound & display.
Touch Disable auto backlight.
Auto backlight is disabled when a green check mark is present.
Touch Brightness.
To adjust brightness ensure Disable auto backlight is checked.
Adjust the Brightness as desired then touch OK.



I have provided a link for additional information. Click here