Those not wanting the Lollipop Upgrade

Sr. Leader

Others may already have heard of this or tried.  It has come to my attention that one viable, though very limiting, way to avoid the update is to make sure that your phone does not have ample storage space to download the update.  I remember my update size was near 800 MB total, other phones maybe less or more.  If your internal storage is kept to ~500 MB or less, you might be able to avoid the update since there won't be enough room to download before installing.  Problem is, is you will be very limited in internal storage until you decide to update.  This might not be a problem for people with external SD support, but the phones without ext SD might see some serious lag times and maybe even errors from camera, documents, messaging, and music player apps due to the very decreased storage space.  This is only a temp idea and not meant to use for the life of the phone, only to get to the time that 5.1+ is available.

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