The regular Droid, or Droid Incredible?


Ive been going back and forth between the BlackBerry Bold and the Droid. If i were to choose the Droid, should I get the regular one, or the HTC Incredible? Any thoughts, opinions, or advice?

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Re: The regular Droid, or Droid Incredible?

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I would pick an android phone over blackberry. Simply because I feel that those phones have many more features to offer. What "regular droid" are you talking about? There are many droid phones out there....original Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible,Droid Eris.


Re: The regular Droid, or Droid Incredible?



I agree with TheGreatOne, the Android OS has a lot to offer.  If it were me personally, I would go with the Droid X, as it has all the "bells and whistles" a person could want.  My sister has a Droid X and I have toyed with it a pretty good bit and I really think it is the way to go as far as Android phones.  If you are still thinking about the Blackberry Bold, I currently own one and it has been a good device.  Obviously the X has the touchscreen feature, which I might say is a huge screen.  If you are not sure, go to a Verizon store and play around with the devices and see what you think. Also don't forget about Verizon's Worry Free Guarantee.  I hope this helps.



Re: The regular Droid, or Droid Incredible?


I currently own a Droid 2, and I highly recommend it--it's a great device. I like how fast it is, and the device definitely keeps the user experience in mind. Another plus for Motorola is that their official community forums are staffed, so if you ever need help solving a problem, Motorola staff can help you without you having to file a support ticket. They also pass on bug reports and feature requests.


Definitely "play" with the demo phones in the store to get a feel for the phones you're looking at. Make sure to examine things you might otherwise take for granted: see how they handle text messages, contacts, etc. Sometimes "smart" phones aren't so smart when it comes to the basic tasks.


I would caution, though, to avoid the HTC phones--definitely go Motorola, or Samsung. HTC does not always fully support their devices, and when they do decide to offer assistance when you have a problem, they're not especially good at it. Buyer beware: HTC has a Better Business Bureau rating of D-. Know what you're getting into if you're seriously considering their devices.


It bears noting that the HTC Droid Incredible has some major, known bugs: