The Cost of the Droid DNA SIM Error: $299!


10+ year Verizon Wireless customer

Recently endured 2 years of the HTC ThunderGarbage.

Switched to a HTC Droid DNA on launch day.

I dealt with the SIM randomly not working and being inaccessible multiple times a day.  This was a pretty common problem (over 1 million results on Google for "Droid DNA SIM error").

I had enough when I missed an urgent call on a family matter and called Verizon.  The agent said nothing was in the works for a resolution so I could send it in for a replacement device.  It's a major issue.  A phone that intermittently can't send and receive calls.

My malfunctioning phone had a crack in the screen, but was 100% functional otherwise.  Well, other than when the design/manufacturing problem caused the SIM to not be recognized.....turning my phone into a 2-year contract paperweight.

Now I get a $299 Damaged Device Fee on my bill.

To make matters worse, less than a month after returning my phone, Verizon released a minor software update that fixed the SIM error.  I'd rather have my old phone with the software update.

The "activation fee" and stuff like this.........it's no wonder people are switching carriers.

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