Text Templates, Phone &Text blocking? Gal S5

It looks like I'm going to have to trade in my brand new one day old LG g4. As it turns out its missing three of the most important features any smartphone should have.

I need to confirm from anyone who owns a galaxy s5 on the Verizon network that their phone will use the stock Android features of call block, text block, and the ability to make unlimited text templates.

I read somewhere that Verizon had bundled together their services on to the phone. I want to make sure their inferior Verizon version of what the galaxy s5 came with wasn't a substitute.

Id blow through those maximum of 5 blocked numbers allowed every 3 months in less than a day.

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Re: Text Templates, Phone &Text blocking? Gal S5

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I want to make sure that you love your phone alineinthesand. You shouldn't have to return it so quickly. What messaging application are you using? I do know with Verizon Message+ you can change the background of the conversation you are having with a particular person. How are you trying to block your calls and messages?
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