Text Messages Received Display Wrong Sender


I have a week old Motorola G7.  Today I received confusing text messages.  They appear from "Jeremy" but figured out later "Matt" sent them.  Recieved other ones from "Kevin", when it was sent from "Stacie".  I texted my wife to see if she was having problems and when she responded, it showed up as my brother in law "Jon".  I responded to the text telling her she was showing up as "Jon" and "Jon" then actually got the text and so did my wife.  

I rebooted phone.  It straightened things out.  Lost all the previous texts I did.  I go to send a text to "Steve" and it shows that I sent him a text this morning.  I talk to "Steve" no texts received from me at all.  I reboot phone. Go to text "Steve" again, now message doesn't show up at all.

I've read about similar problems online, but no one offers a solution. HELP!!!

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Re: Text Messages Received Display Wrong Sender

Community Manager
Community Manager

I can understand how important it is to send out the right message to the right person. Let's get this figured out. Did anything change on the device? Does this only happen with specific contacts? What messaging app are you using on the device?  AlbertoR_VZW