[TIP] Always wipe when you are done :O


Something I came across today, a handful (like a hundred or so) of WiFi Xooms got sent out as refurbs but still had some of the previous owners personal data on them.  Sooo, AndroidCentral.com posted an article about always wiping (or hard reset, or factory reset) your phone if you ever sell, throw away, donate, give to a friend, your old phone when you are done with it.  Good advice, I would say, no telling where it will end up, or if the company you send it back to won't miss resetting it before sending it out as a refurb.  The original article is here: http://www.androidcentral.com/gentle-reminder-erase-your-android-device-getting-rid-it have a read don't forget the SD card and, always wipe when you are done!

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Re: [TIP] Always wipe when you are done :O


I wish the phones didn't have those water damage stickers on them.  I'd use a bidet.