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Suddenly can't send or receive picture messages on my new Motorola LUGE

Well i've had this phone for about 2 weeks now, i bought it from inside a Verizon store.

It's my first Smart phone so there may be some user error with this, but overall i had been able to send and receive picture messages since i got the phone. about 3 days ago i tried to insert a MicroSD card to the phone and not long after that, while using the Message+ app it closed itself while i was typing saying i needed to have the app installed to use it.   Weird.. ya' know?

Before i could try and figure things out it went ahead and re-installed itself and i started using it again. However, ever since that happened, i can't send or receive pictures. It does not matter whether the picture is a screenshot, or a camera picture. Nor does it matter if i'm on wireless, or with data/background data being on or off, or even what messaging app i'm using. It will not work anymore.

If i receive an image, the download button appears to get the message. but i'll press it 5-10 times before it tells me the message timed out (even if it's only been 2 minutes since i had someone send me the picture)
If i try and send a picture it will say "Sorry, you can not add this attachment to your message",or in other messaging apps, it will just crash.

Again i've tested this with data both off and on, background data, wireless, different kinds of pictures, sizes of pictures, i've turned the phone off and on again several times, taken the Micro SD card out, but i can't figure out what i have done that is keeping me from MMS'ing at all.

Thanks for any help you have <:/

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Re: Suddenly can't send or receive picture messages on my new Motorola LUGE
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I can understand how important your messages are. Please contact our Prepay customer service at 888-294-6804. They will be able to further assist you.


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