Sound Issues with my LG Ally. Help?


I have had my lg ally phone for over a year now, and It has been good to me until recently. Because of money issues, I now only use my Ally for wi-fi and (until recently) music. I have a cheaper phone for calling and texting, to avoid the extra $30 a month. Starting about a month ago, I have had two sound issues with my Andriod LG. I dont know if they are related, but both are very troubling.

First Issue: Sound is non-existent when I try to play music and videos over the speaker. The interesting thing is that the speaker works for ringtones (which I dont need) and alarms. I tryed playing music from my sdcard in a friends android, and the music sound was fine./

Second: when I plug in any headphones to my Ally, only one headphone plays sound? 

Any help, advice, thoughts?

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