Sony ZP3+


Anyone on here have any knowledge of whether and when Verizon will get the Z3+?

I have two basic needs of a phone - a battery that lasts and one that can handle being used by real people who do real activities and get phones dirty, wet, etc.  I really like the Samsung S6, but it regressed from the S5 on this key dimension for me - the dust/waterproof was lost (everyone makes a big deal about the removable microSD slot and the non-removable battery but I don't care about those).  And sadly, Verizon won't be getting the S6 Active.  I considered the Kyocera Brigadier, and while that phone is decent, the twangy sound I have heard from it is something I would find annoying and difficult on calls. 

The Z3+ seems like a great mix of the premium characteristics of the S6 (maybe a 9 out of 10 compared to the S6 due to not having image stabilization and the Snapdragon 810 heating issues) and a 9 out of 10 for durability compared to the bombproof Brigadier and thus the Z3+ sounds like a perfect combination of features and durability.  I could do anything I need with it, it would be a cool phone, and I won't need to call Verizon for a new one when I get it wet.

If anyone knows anything about Verizon getting the Sony Z3+, please post here.

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